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CPH IT Solution is an all kinds of digital eCommerce IT services provider company from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here we provide eCommerce business startup complete support & details solution from your beginning to success. We professionally provide company branding design printing publication & a complete promotion. We provide 100% authentic digital marketing, SEO service that attracts organic traffic to your business. The Facebook ad, post, page marketing all over a complete service, website design and development service, domain hosting service, cPanel, SSL, payment gateway setup, eCommerce business product image photo-shoot, and product & model photo editing service for eCommerce site publish and ad, article blog content writing service, bulk SMS, email marketing campaign service, company & service motion video, YouTube video-graphy, vlog video editing are our services where our experience shines the most.

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Ecommerce Business Startup Support

Ecommerce customer support service is typically defined as how IT companies provide services that helps business companies with their any ecommerce related issues like marketing, social media management, website issues and etc. Business owners today consider technology as an important part of their lives and a means to manage their businesses. When they want to solve a problem or tweak some features in their website they usually turn to their devices to get answers. But some business problems can not be fixed just by googling the answer. You need professional help. That’s where ecommerce business………..Learn more

Facebook Marketing Service

A Facebook boost post is a type of paid ad on Facebook.  It promotes an existing post from a business page. What Facebook boosted posts do is amplify the reach of the content to appear on a wider range of people’s news feed. This boost post is different from Facebook ad as boost posts have limited options on customizing the targeted audience the post will appear. What Facebook ad provides is you can specifically target a demographic and show the ad on their news feed. When choosing which posts to promote, brands select posts that have high engagement to encourage more interactions and ……………………………Learn more

Website Design & Development 

In general website design refers to both the aesthetic part of the website and the usability of the website. Web designers use different design programs to create layouts for a website and create a visually pleasing website that is user friendly and visually pleasing. Web developers take a website design and create a functional website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other languages etc. Not everyone can build a website as it takes proper knowledge about these languages and years of skill to design an eye-catching website. That’s why many IT service provider companies provide custom made website design ……………..Learn more

Company Animation Video Service

A picture can say a hundred words then that makes a video a simplified way of saying thousands of words. People use videos to express themselves and tell a story. The same goes for company service animated video. Companies want people to know about what they are providing and the features they give. What better way to say that than to make an animated video. It has been statistically proven that people engage more on videos rather than text. Most people do not even read texts and just skim through the details. So companies use animation videos……………….Learn more

Software Design & Development

Software has become a daily part of our lives. We know them better as apps. This software is there to help us with our tasks easily and efficiently. Some software is used as social media platform while there is other software that are specially made to do a specific task like- library management software or offline retail software etc. This custom software has a special need in the business industry. Many companies use custom software to store important information like money transfer or management details. Developing a software can be rewarding and enjoyable at times while other times it can be a headache when the…………..Learn more 

Photoshop Image Editing Service

Image editing service is a type of service that as the name suggests different companies provide where they edit photos for the client. It can be as simple as normal retouching or clipping out the background or it could be as complex as image restoration. Usually image editing service is focused on the ecommerce business owners as they have thousands of raw product photos that they can not retouch for showcasing on their website. So, they usually hire image editing companies to edit their photos for them at an affordable price. This is both affordable and the results are very high quality as it is done by professional graphic designers……….Learn more

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